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California Gold
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Gold ... In the ancient language of Sanskrit it was called Jval. Deep in the red clay mine pits of Peru they called it Oro. Mankind has always had a thing for shiny metal... The color of polished gold, is indeed quite beautiful. Imagine yourself gazing into the first hand held mirror of polished gold, thousands of years ago, and seeing a magical reflection of yourself.

Among all the metals on earth there is only one that stays forever shiny and never grows old. ...Gold! The mellow yellow color of it intrigues us, amazes us, and leaves us wanting more. The word "gold" is actually derived from the old English word for yellow, "geolu".

Gold is yellow because of its cubic close packed atomic structure, which has the quality of reflecting red light at 800 angstroms.

Gold comes from deep within the earth. It is deposited in the earth's crust in mineralized hydrothermal veins. Silica, known as quartz, is the primary host rock for gold. As metallic laden silicate waters push toward the surface in the roots of volcanoes and deep faults, gold and other metals precipitate into deposits.
This is an on going event of mother nature... even as you read this, gold deposits are being formed on the sea floor, in volcanic vents off the coast of New Zealand.

In 1848 William Gulnac, while walking along Woods Creek, found a 75 pound chunk of gold still in its original matrix of quartz. That's the way it was in California's goldrush. The first men into the hills found fortunes for their day. Their claims paid well, and miners took out hundreds and thousands of dollars in gold, often in a day or week. (It is worth noting here that the cost of a loaf of bread was only a nickel, and these men were earning twenty years wages in the span of one year.) Never in history has so much gold been found in one place as the California goldrush.



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